How to choose the best eCommerce platform for Your store website

Are you trying to choose the best eCommerce platform for your online business. Is that trying to decide which of your own product to pick at the warehouse? First, you have to decide your business approaches like whether you are planning to start the traditional small-level business or mid-level business or large business eCommerce platform. In that case, you would get a very good vision of your investment budget about your online E-commerce business strategy. There are many eCommerce platform options available in the market. You have to choose based on your estimated budget, type of customer and the targeted locations. In this blog, you will get the best idea about eCommerce platforms.  You will get knowledge of what is e-commerce?   and how eCommerce platforms work? This blog will answer with you the essential features to understand how to shop for an eCommerce platform, you will get the opportunity to review seven of the top platforms available right now.


Guide for Business owners about the Ecommerce Platforms.

What is e-commerce?

You could see eCommerce in various forms whether with a hyphen (e-commerce) or without a hyphen(eCommerce). But the word always speaks to the same definition: commercial transactions conducted electronically over the internet. In short, ecommerce is selling or buying anything online. This can enable you to sell all of your products such as online e-books, Computers, groceries, household items, Mobile, handicraft products’ selling or buying process happens online. What’s the big demand surrounding e-commerce? Based on the study by, in 2016, 58.3% of global internet users purchased products online, and the total number of digital buyers worldwide reached 1.5 billion. As of 2019, this figure is projected to grow to 63%, and by 2021, the figure is set to surpass 65% of internet users worldwide.  The eCommerce industry gradually growing year after year.

  1. What are the primary key points you should look for in an eCommerce platform?
  2. Are you to hear that the eCommerce industry is alive and growing?
  3. Are you finding the idea of bringing home big profit from selling all of your goods and services online?
Choose Your Ecommerce Platform
Choose your ecommerce Platform

We will suggest to you the Eight essential features for shopping for an eCommerce platform:

Find a platform that helps you to easily set up and easy to design. Example woo-commerce and WordPress. You want to sell all of your unique brand products, In that case, take a look at the different templates each platform offers. Templates are really owners’s best choice.

This helps you to save time and money because you don’t require to hire outside help (expensive!) and don’t require to wait for getting the design to create a professional look and make a bold statement. 

VANTOS help to Setup your Ecommerce Platform

 A website design should easy to navigate the product with one or two clicks. you are browsing for a rare mobile and you really like the mobile. But the website looks like an old module. You ignore the old design.  Because you needed that mobile, and then you waste 30 minutes of your priceless time to figure out how to navigate to the checkout page. And then you go to bed mad and mobile-less.

your customers are your god, don’t send your customer to bed mad (and barefoot).  Today’s online shoppers expect a seamless experience that’s immediate and painless.  Customers are ready to spend money to buy products. For that, don’t have them ready to win the puzzle game to buy your product. Once customers reach the payment processing, be sure the eCommerce platform you’re eyeing offers top-notch security.  Customer always gets worried about their credit card security. In that case, you should choose for a platform that supports HTPPS/SSL for a safe and secure checkout.

Your Customers are looking for a particular product or service in any search engine like google, bing,etc.. it should be easy for them to find your business. You want to ensure that your online store ranks high in search results, especially if you’re a new eCommerce store. Concentrate to look for an eCommerce platform that’s SEO-friendly. You can use your own domain name, add your own unique content blog all to help drive customers to your business organically.

Most of the customers are do the shopping through mobile app only. 

When searching for an eCommerce platform, be sure it allows customers easy access to your website in the web Responsive design. Customers should easier interact with your brand. That will help you to grow your sale easier.

Website Traffic Analytics Dashboard

Your website performance monitoring is a vital role in the eCommerce business.

Find an eCommerce platform that helps you keep tabs on all of the important things like a number of sales, payment methods, order amounts, and more and displays stats in an easy-to-understand format. Tech support. You should look for an eCommerce platform that offers a solid customer support team. Your online store will be completely digital, and if you’re new to the online business, it pays to have real live humans who can answer your questions.

online customers to pay for a product or service is not the easiest one and it should be a more secure one. Razorpay, ccAvenue, PayPal, Square, Apple Pay, GooglePay and Stripe is a few examples of popular payment gateways for eCommerce stores to help the customer pay the amount for any products. Before choosing the payment gateway, you have to get a clear knowledge of all the payment gateway’s all features, importantly ensure you whether its suitable for your eCommerce platform or not.  Be sure to consider what forms of payment you’re willing to take when searching for an eCommerce platform.

Payment Options

6 Best practice for choosing Ecommerce plugins and integrations

  • Having too many options can feel like an overwhelming burden for you similar to the cereal aisle at the grocery store.
  • When you come into integration for eCommerce platforms, having a lot of options in the market. Especially if your business is looking to grow.
  • Look for the right or required platform that integrates with your other existing systems and marketing channels.
  • Also, you have to do the analysis whether it integrates with Facebook, Linkedin and other social media?
  • Will it run smoothly with your Ecommerce CRM sales and marketing platform? Are plugins and extensions available?
  • The above questions you should ask and get the answers to before choosing any integration plugins in your eCommerce platform.