Why POWER BI is Better for Your Business Reporting

  • The Microsoft PowerBI application can host in the cloud.
  • This hosted approach can help you and all the authorized users can access the reports on any type of device and where the users are.
  • You can monitor your live data and receive notifications on your mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.
  • The data continuously changes and always you would be updated and informed frequently.
  • Power BI is an innovative reporting tool and having the facility to create smart communicating dashboards.

  • This will give you the 360-degree business real-time data visual experience.

  • There are a lot of new user-friendly functionalities are easily allow you to interact with any external data.

  • Power BI provide you a new experience of the company’s data.

Power BI Business Data Analysis

  • Your Company data whether it’s located Cloud or Locally,  Power BI can help to provide Seamless support to access your data more quickly.
  • This Power BI Report approach helps you to get a 360-degree view of your business data dashboards.

Power BI Interactive reporting

  • You can see all of your business data in one screen.
  • Power BI Mobile apps having features to automatically update your business data changes to your Power BI Dashboard.
  • so you can access your updated data and reports wherever you are.

Power Bi Financial overview

  • Power BI gives your full business growth graph in just a few seconds of your data across different data sources.
  • In that case, Power BI helps you to see your financial data in a single view

Power BI User-friendly mobility

  • Power BI’s intuitive tools help you can explore the underlying data.
  • Power BI makes it easy to find exactly the answers you need.

Power BI Business Data Visualization

  • Power BI can make you both creative and productive.
  • POWER BI Visual tools help you to connect data from various data sources, files and web services.
  • This can help you to gain a unique insight into your data.

Key Benefits of POWER BI For your company

  • Fast and robust access to your data

  • Data exploration and quick search

  • About all types of devices data insight

  • Can access to work across the company

  • Real-time dashboard monitoring

  • A consolidated clear dashboard

  • perfect support for business decision making

  • Accurate monitoring of performance

  • Easy Integration with ERP, CRM products, such as Excel