SEO Strategy

4 KEY Best Practices for Landing Page

  • Your Website headline is the first thing visitors will read.
  • It should clearly and concisely communicate the value of your landing page and offer.
  • At least 15 people visit your landing page, in 12 of the visitor will bounce off ( get out ) from your landing page.
  • You should concentrate to keep that number low.
  • your visitors easily understand (and connect) what’s in it for them within seconds of arriving.
  • If your image is important to remain to stay your visitors on the website.
  • Your website should expose or represent the Business pain point or needs of your target audience.
  • The purpose of your image is to convey your visitor’s expectations.
  • It should express how your visitor will feel once they receive your approach.
  • Few images may work better than others.
  • In that case, you should always split-test your options (which we’ll cover below).
landing Page design tips
  • Create the perfect and attractive headlines for your targeted visitors which will trigger more call-to-action.
  • No need to spend most of that time to creating your ideal image to fall flat.
  • Your content copy is always should very clear, and concise.
  • This copy would create a feeling of guidance for your Visitor’s business problem or need.
  • This will improve the call to action.