Clean Design Layout improve the dwell time

  1. Your Simple and Clean design layout improves the end-user experience.

  2. Your Clean format of web design boasts increase the dwell time and visitor’s engagement.

The above two important key points are playing a vital role for your organic ranking.

  1. You should keep the short paragraphs with ample line spacing.

  2. Make use of typography, Font Size, bold font, italics, and colored text sparingly.

  3. Use the header tag for improves the formatting and Format your contents in the form of checklists and bullet points that add to the clarity.

  4. Bullet points are helping to allow the readers to scan through the text and also make it easy to read.

  5. Do not mess your page with excess amounts of Colors, Pictures, Colors, or Advertisements, as these leave an untrustworthy impression of the website.

  6. A good meta description could increase your SEO organic ranking

These approaches are can boost your website contents that promote easy reading.