ERPNext is suited to cover a large section of healthcare institutes from a full-service facility that includes pharmacy, in-patient, and out-patient services, laboratory, rehab, and physiotherapy services with a number of healthcare workers, to a small clinic providing consultation or physiotherapy services.

Types of Healthcare Facilities

There are various types of healthcare facilities that need to manage their operations digitally

  • Clinics and Medical Offices
    A clinic is a facility for the diagnosis and treatment of outpatients. Many patients visit clinics for regular appointments and checkups. Clinics can provide any kind of services like veterinary, dental, osteopathic, etc. These healthcare facilities can be a physician’s private practice, a group practice setting, or a corporately owned clinic that might be connected to a larger healthcare system of the hospital.
  • Hospitals -Hospitals are the ultimate “catch-all” facilities. Their services can vary greatly depending on size, location, and complexity. They have not just one but several Healthcare Service Units for different operations. Most hospitals have in-patient facilities, requiring patients to stay under the supervision of specialized healthcare professionals until discharge.
  • Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Centres-Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Centres deal in everything from athletic injuries to therapies for patients with disabilities. There are also rehabilitation centers where patients can receive various therapies to help restore their abilities after an illness or injury. Physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy are all processes that help people gain or regain skills they need to move around, work, or speak in their everyday life.
  • Pharmacies-Pharmacies are now actively participating in medical care, by preparing medicines for out-patients. Also, pharmacists play an integral role in the collaborative approach to the health care of home care patients by promoting the proper use of medicines. Hospital Pharmacies also maintain stocks for medical equipment and consumables like syringes, injection doses, etc.
  • Laboratory Centres-A medical or clinical laboratory is a laboratory where clinical pathology tests are carried out on clinical specimens to obtain information about the health of a patient to aid in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of diseases. More comprehensive services can be found in acute-care hospitals and medical centers, where 70% of clinical decisions are based on laboratory testing.

Healthcare with ERPNext

The healthcare module in ERPNext empowers any Healthcare facility to overcome all the challenges mentioned above. It helps you manage patients, appointments, consultations, laboratory, pharmacy, rehabilitation, and much more. ERPNext has a comprehensive set of modules out of the box. Along with the features for Healthcare, you can also track your accounting books, manage appraisals, payroll, leaves, organize your inventory, manage purchases, expenses, and much more!

An Overview of Features

The right cloud-based manufacturing ERP system (ERPNext Cloud) provides a centralized platform for managing all business operations. This software can help manufacturing,Trading , Projects and Services organizations streamline their accounting and financial management, production management, supply chain management, customer relationship management, pricing strategy, reporting and analytics, workflow automation, configuration and integration, inventory management, mobile access, automation, and business and scalability. These software features and the use of process automation supported by (AI, Machine Learning, and RPA) will help manufacturing organizations make data-driven decisions that are aligned with their strategic goals and reduce costs and increase efficiency across their manufacturing business operations.


Patient Appointment Scheduling

ERPNext Healthcare allows you to book Patient Appointments for any date and alert patients via Email or SMS. You can easily organize appointments for each Practitioner based on their availability schedules.

Patient Encounters

Patient Encounters

ERPNext Healthcare allows you to record every encounter with patients through the Patient Encounter document. It helps you capture complaints, diagnoses, and also prescribe lab, clinical or therapy orders from a single document. You can also create a Patient Encounter based on a previously booked Appointment.

Billing Prescriptions

Patient Billing and Prescriptions

Invoice your patients with clutter-free, customizable print formats. You can also automate your daily operations like invoicing appointments, sending Email / SMS reminders for registration, appointments, and lab test results. Automating these mundane tasks with a system like ERPNext leaves you with more time to invest in the work that actually needs your attention.

Patient History

Patient History

Maintenance of accurate and complete medical records of patients is one of the rudiments for healthcare practitioners and providers. Over and above, the ease at which the information is accessible by a practitioner is critical in rendering effective, high-quality care. ERPNext Healthcare helps you to draw up the medical history of a Patient anytime by quickly searching and selecting the Patient.


Healthcare Service Units

ERPNext Healthcare helps you map your Facility Infrastructure and manage Appointment Scheduling, Billing, etc by creating Healthcare Service Units. These are made available for Appointment Booking or Inpatient Occupancy and also for Billing.

Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

ERPNext Healthcare can also assist you in maintaining all Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation patient records. You can create records for the types of exercises and therapies prescribed by your physiotherapists. You can then create therapy plans and track a patient’s therapy sessions along with handling invoicing for these sessions. You can also assess your patient’s progress through ERPNext Healthcare. All these features lead to a robust module for practices offering physiotherapy.

ERP Solutions for End to End Healthcare software solutions

Patient Encounters

ERPNext Healthcare allows you to record every encounter with patients through the Patient Encounter document. It helps you capture complaints, diagnoses, and also prescribe lab, clinical or therapy orders from a single document. You can also create a Patient Encounter based on a previously booked appointments.

Clinical Procedures

ERPNext helps you create and map Clinical Procedures for patients like Wound Cleaning or a Cataract Surgery. The system allows you to preconfigure Clinical Procedure Templates, so that you do not have to set the default properties like the consumables, rates, items every time you conduct a Clinical Procedure.

Laboratory Management

ERPNext Healthcare also allows the creation of Lab Tests automatically when they are billed (via Sales Invoice). This along with other Laboratory configurations can be set up in Healthcare Settings. When the results are prepared, you can enter the details of the results in the Lab Test document. All presets, Normal Values etc. as configured in the Lab Test Template are made available Lab Test for easy data capture. Another critical aspect for a Laboratory is managing collected samples and requiring to ID the sample, print stickers, etc. This can also be handled in ERPNext.

Pharmacy Management

Set yourself free from the hassle of managing the inventory and warehouses for your pharmacy on paper and excel sheets. Reduce your paper and ink costs significantly by tracking your inventory in ERPNext using powerful features like Quick Stock Balance and Stock Ageing Reports. You can also make stock transfers, process billing, and payments. Barcode scanning helps you keep track of and search for the exact drug you are looking for.

Healthcare ERP Cloud Solutions

HRMS and Payroll

Apart from providing efficient healthcare services for patients, the healthcare module also addresses the thriving need of managing operations of the healthcare practitioners on the field. The gradually increasing need for a workforce has inspired several retired healthcare practitioners and medical students to step up and assist. With ERPNext, you can manage the payroll, attendance, shifts, leaves, and more for your entire medical staff.

Benefits of Cloud ERP Software


Right from recording transactions to summarizing these records to analyzingAccounting
financial, ERPNext has got your back. You can also automate appointment invoicing, manage multi-currency accounting, and track revenue according to medical departments with the help of cost centers.

Asset Management

The Asset module in ERPNext helps you manage the entire lifecycle of the lifesaving healthcare equipment and machines using mechanisms for asset maintenance, movement, depreciation, selling, purchase, and value adjustment.

Serialized and Batched Inventory

You can assign a unique value like a serial number to each unit of an item. This can help track its movement in transactions as well as monitor its warranty and expiry information. Serial numbers are useful to track warranty.
You can group multiple units of an item and assign these groups with a number called Batch Number. Batches can be split or moved within warehouses. All stock transactions are then tagged with this batch number to enable you to track it in transactions as well as monitoring expiry and quality.


Analytics plays an important role in making data-driven decisions.

AnalyticsERPNext provides you with pre-built reports like Patient Appointment Analytics, Patient History, Lab Test Reports, and more. Apart from that, you can switch to the report view of any document, export them to different formats in just a few clicks. You can also create custom reports and dashboards on the fly, right from the user interface. ERPNext is built upon the low-code Frappe Framework that empowers you to build customizations in order to get the reports that you need.

What is Cloud based Healthcare ERP?

ERP is hosted and managed by the vendor, which provides the software in an “as a service” model through the cloud. The vendor is responsible for the application, data storage, the underlying operating system, servers, the physical data center infrastructure and installing security updates and feature upgrades.

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Cloud ERP Challenges

  • Legacy systems. If a larger business that’s been using an on-premises ERP system for many years seeks to shift to cloud-based ERP, the migration may be challenging and require significant time and expertise.
  • Resistance to change. Bigger businesses with large IT and administrative teams may experience push back from key stakeholders. Moving the ERP software offsite results in administrators losing some control over processes that become automated, and with the vendor managing all maintenance and infrastructure, IT teams lose control over certain operational processes.
  • Regulatory compliance. Companies with especially strict cyber security policies, restrictions around hosting customer information in the cloud and regulatory compliance issues may not experience the full benefits of a cloud-based ERP solution. Still, major software-as-a-service providers have made strides in complying with regs such as HIPAA and GDPR and can usually accommodate mandates around data sovereignty and locality, so don’t assume you’re restricted to on-premises ERP.
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