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How is the Customer tracking failure impact your business growth?

  • You are having a Quality product
  • You are Having a Big brand name
  • You have multiple branches.
  • You are the perfect solution provider
  • But, if the customer could not satisfied or confident with your support then that is the biggest impediment to your business growth.
  • This approach gives a good business growth result for your customer relationship management.
  • If you have minimum customers of 0-20 then very tightly you can manage.
  • If more than 20 then, is really tough to manage.
  • Because, you will receive multiple phone calls, messages, and direct contact. As human beings, could not track all the requests/inquiries without using a system.
  • Gray area could create on your business process.
  • Increasing the customer confidence level gives a good business growth result for your customer relationship management.
  • The Gray area is the Gap in the data management process.
  • This causes an impact shaking your customer support confidence.
  • If you have a proper Service identity management method, then you can connect with your customers without any mishaps.
  • You will benefit to do your customer data analysis.
  • This is the important analysis process for enriching your business growth and quality.

Using MS Excel spreadsheet.

  • Easily available.
  • All are having the knowledge to use.
  • Since a lot of Opensource is available. So no cost impact.


  • It is not portable.
  • Data entry is time taking process.
  • Need desktop or laptop.
  • Not mobile compatibility.

This idea helps your business growth.

  • If you are going to buy a Service desk system then you have to allocate a big budget.
  • That directly impacts your Operational cost and impacting your profit.
  • This information helps to reduce your operational cost.
  • Better to use a user license based Service desk application Like V-Service  
  • The licene-based application helps you to reduce your infra structure expenses for IT Setup.
  • No Infrastructure cost
  • Affordable User license cost 
  • Rs.300**/ User
  •  Compatibility for Mobile and Desktop
  • The Admin panel will help you to track your tickets.
  • The frontEnd will help to create the new or edit tickets by customers.
    **Vantos technologies private limited terms and conditions applicable.