Leverage_your_ business_data_with_Power BI

How to leverage your business data with Power BI

High note for Leveraging Business Data

  • Business data comes in all various forms, from sales figures to website traffic.
  • If you were able to measure this data. In that case, it would help you to understand your business success factors and which is helping drive your success.
  • if you are analyzing trends in this data, then you can also work out ways to improve your business. In this manner, you have to  ‘leverage’ your data.
  • If you are leveraging your data then you can compete with other successful businesses. This data can take you to calculated business decisions rather than relying on trial and error. This approach and the calculated decisions could enable you to enrich your productivity, increase the quality of your work, and maximize profits

The real-time streaming feature helps you to push streaming datasets into Power BI via PubNub, REST API, or Azure Stream Analytics.

Actual streaming functionality of the Power BI data management tool will facilitate you to:

  • Push and stream datasets in real-time
  • Present real-time visuals
  • Update dashboards in real-time

Integrating BI with Cortana intelligence

Microsoft’s digital assistant Cortana with Power BI for instant access to the data reports and charts, you can easily integrate with your business.

 In the Cortana integration, It allows you to ask questions verbally in natural language and get rich, data-driven answers straight off from your business datasets.

For example, as shown in the infographic below, if you type in a search query using Cortana, then it will give you the result in the form of visualization of the context.

Leverage_your_ business_data_with_Power BI

Microsoft Power BI can help you deliver complex business insights swiftly without writing any code for data integration and analytics. Easily help you to adapt the customer-centric approach to drive personalized customer experiences and develop customized reports

  • It is a Microsoft Product. In that case, you will get the Fully integrated office 365 feature.
  • Entry cost to Power BI is free. This will help you Build reports , report in the cloud apps, public sharing
  • Easy to Learn
  • Many similarities between Excel and Power BI
  • According to burning glass, jobs asking for Power Bi skills will increase 34.6%