What is Power BI License Cost

  • Two versions of Power BI; Power BI Pro and Power BI Premium.
  • For the Entry Level, we will choose Power Bi Pro. This is providing to you all the functionality in the Azure cloud for a less cost per user per month.


  • Anyone can download and use Power BI Desktop for free (including commercial organizations).
  •  Yes, you need a license (all software has a license) but there is no charge.  When you install it, you agree to the license.
  • Need to access the reports for hundreds of users
  • need to refresh the reports more than 8 times per day.
  • In that case, The Power BI Premium is the right choice. Power BI Premium is expensive, also you get a dedicated node(coputer resource) in Asure . So,you won’t need as many Power BI Pro licenses.
  • In Azure allowing you to be more responsive to your business growth requirments.