8 reasons to choose Microsoft Power BI for Business Intelligence solutions

  1. Microsoft Power-BI’s rich personalized dashboards can develop easily and No specialized technical support is required.
    • It supports the use of intuitive graphical designer tools.
    • This will help you to get hassle-free MIS reports creation and help your business’s profit growth.
  2. Power-BI solutions having no memory and speed constraints.
  3. Microsoft Power BI development teams help you to integrate with the cloud environment seamlessly with advanced cloud services.

  4. This would help you to provide results for the verbal data query given using natural language.

  5. Microsoft PowerBi development and solutions will help to enable your business within a short period. This will help to enable your sales in the market within a short period.
  6. Power-BI service providing a secure Microsoft-hosted cloud service. This will reduce data center costs and time.
  7. Power BI integrates easily with your existing business environment.
  8. Power Bi Reporting helps you to easily enable and viewing your business’s data analytics organization-level dashboards, reports, SEO Reporting.
  9. Publish reports securely. This will help you to know your business growth report easily.
  10. Power BI apps can help to enable you to view your data analytics dashboards and reports are using a web browser or via mobile apps for Windows, iOS, and Android. This mobile support gives the hassle-free growth of your business.
  11. Easy connect feature in Microsoft PowerBI to have Data warehouse between source and reporting. In that case, we will create the reports instantly. This will help your business to understand the gaps at various levels.

Why not Open Source BI?

  • Open source will consume more time and cost for any BI Development This risk creating delays to start your business.
  • The only Benefit of choosing Open source, you will get the full source code of the Open source BI tool. This will help you to avoid dependencies. 
  • Challenge is that You have to invest an amount for the Development team for a long-term plan. The dependency of the development team is very high. This really affecting your profit growth.
  • For Open source BI, you have to invest more in resource’s time and cost investment. In that case,  the total operational cost for Open source BI development is very high. But in Microsoft Power BI, you can invest less time and bring your business online in a very short period of time. This will help you to start your business very short period.
  • Mainly Microsoft Power BI is easily scalable and portables  In that case, this will help your business growth.